Care for Employees

Employees are our most precious resource and asset. Adhering to our people-oriented development concept, we pursue a talent-driven strategy and constantly refine our labor and training system. This creates an environment ripe for career growth and development. We also care for employees’ physical and mental health, protect their rights and interests, and endeavor to build a safe production environment that grows to the benefit of all.

Employment Policies

CNOOC Limited insists on employment in accordance with laws and regulations, treats all staff equally within an inclusive corporate culture, and safeguards all rights and benefits that staff should enjoy in every aspect of their work and life.

Legal Employment

CNOOC Limited respects the basic human rights to which all employees are entitled, strictly abides by applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, and has constantly improved its internal employment management system. We act in strict compliance with local laws and regulations such as the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, etc., and international conventions ratified by the Chinese Government, such as the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination in Employment and Occupation. We have established our own employment and labor contract management system and an overseas employee management system, and overseas employee management system, respecting the legitimate rights of all employees.

Employee Rights and Interests

CNOOC Limited strives to provide employees with competitive remuneration packages in the industry and has established a salary growth mechanism. We are also gradually establishing a distribution mechanism that matches the market mechanism. Our salary distribution implements multi-level incentives, rewarding researchers, technical experts and front-line workers, correlates with the quality of employees’ work and the value of their contribution and increases bonuses for extra production value and profit so as to match employee income with the growth of the Company and enable employees to share in our business achievements.

We provide comprehensive and effective benefits. These include the five basic social insurances: pension, healthcare, work-related injury, unemployment and maternity. We also provide personal accident insurance, major illness insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance, and supplementary medical insurance for children under the age of 18.

Employment Development

We encourage career development by creating accessible paths for skilled workers and technicians, and standardizing procedures for promotion. We are committed to nurturing a well-structured team of top quality and productive experts. We believe in mutual development with employees. Our training is designed to enable employees to realize their worth and achieve high-quality development for the company.

Talent Strategy

We strongly believe that the sustainability of our business depends on fostering talent, inspiring vitality and highlighting value.

Career Development

We encourage career development by creating accessible paths for skilled workers and technicians, and standardizing procedures for promotion. We are committed to nurturing a well-structured team of top quality and productive experts.

Employee Training

CNOOC Limited has established a multi-level training system for employees, and continuously empowers employees as needed. In 2020, we continued to implement our talent development plan and key training plan, focusing on key specialties and critical roles.  Responding to the impact of COVID-19, we made great efforts to add content to our Haixue online learning platform. This enabled staff to continue learning even when on-site training was unavailable. The resources ranged from professional skills and safety to an induction course for new employees.

YearTotal training sessionsTotal number of traineesTotal training hoursTotal training hours per person

Cultivating International Experts

In 2020, based on the international talent demands, we formulated training and exchange programs in various forms to improve the business and management capabilities of local employees, expatriate employees and overseas support teams in China.

Staff Care

As a people-oriented company, we believe that mutual development requires practical support. At home and overseas, we strictly observe regulations regarding leave. Besides statutory public holidays, we provide paid annual leave and family visit leave, and encourage staff to take vacations and rest. To migrant staff, we offer lump-sum payments, comprehensive subsidies. We offer transitional housing for single employees to continuously improve their sense of access, happiness and security in areas where available.

In 2020, facing the COVID-19 outbreak, the company adheres to the people-oriented principle and puts the safety and health of employees as the top priority. We vigorously carried out health public welfare activities with free video-based COVID-19 outpatient services to minimize the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the employees. We accordingly adjusted salary and welfare policies to ensure employees survive the pandemic. The company quarantined the offshore operation employees and offered subsidies, rewarded the employees who extended work on the sea, provided comp time and overtime pay for those who work on the land, and furthered protect pregnant women and lactating women during the pandemic.